Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cheaper travel in Asia

Have you noticed that the cost of travel in the Asian region is getting cheaper. The ASEAN group of countries have committed to liberalising air travel by Dec-08. This might partly explain the plethora of new discount airlines in the region. This will no doubt create opportunities for tourist services. Some years ago I remember reading how alot of Asian resorts were struggling to make money. Successful people thought it was a good social networking strategy to have their own resorts, but few made money. The problem was:
1. There was too many
2. Foreigners were staying away because of terrorist threat
3. Alot of them are just not any good
4. Too many of them resembled prisons more than paradises, with high walls to keep the peasants out and the guests in. But its hard to keep the peasants out because they can approach guests from the sea, offering all types of things from souvenirs to boat rides.
5. Alot of them were too expensive.
The Philippines was particularly bad in this respect. The beaches in the Philippines are not particularly good, no one can be bothered cleaning them. Its not just Filipinos, alot of the rubbish comes from China. You need only exam what washes up on the beaches. Thats not to say there are not nice places in Asia. The problem is that there is little 'big project' money yet to develop these places.